Katamaran "La Guagua", Sale

After more than 20 years of sailing La Guagua intensely we arrived in the seventies. At this age it's time to sell the boat and look for a more leisurely pastime.

La Guagua is a special boat (German magazine Yacht 3/2013). Within 22 years we covered some 30,000 nm mainly in the Baltic Sea including Kattegatt and Skager Rak. All the time we have been taking care of her meticulously . As time passed we have made a number of improvements and replaced worn parts. Upon completion, La Guagua was estimated at DM 200,000 and has been insured for that amount (€ 100,000) since then.

Design and Construction Sabine & Gun Wille, Completion 2000
Hulls and Beams Epoxy-Glass-Airex Sandwich, rigidly glued together
Trampolins close lattice gray, forward (2017), aft (2013)
Mast After the breakage of a rotating aluminium mast in 2002 in the English Channel we replaced it by a new and better stayed one and – without a damage - swapped that one for a carbon fiber mast in 2012. Sheaves in the masthead are 100 mm Fredriksen with steel balls, in the mast foot Harken with plain bearings.
Standing Rigging Forestay and shrouds are made of 6 mm 1 * 19 wire (2012), the backstays of 5mm Dyneema (2012). All steel shackles up in the mast are HR from Wichard. Forestay as well as the diverting block for the jib hoist are connected by Dyneema Soft Shackles.
Boom Except for the foot outhaul the boom of carbon fiber (2015) contains block and tackle for the 2nd gear of the mainsheet (1:15). In order to lead the lines for 2nd gear into the boom without chafe it is rotably mounted; the connection between the clew and the 1st gear of the mainsheet guarantees the correct angle. The purchase for the first gear is 1: 5
Sails Jib approx. 18 m² and Mainsail approx. 31 m² by Hood (2009) with tapered battens of own production. Gennaker approx. 80 m² Tommy Sails (2013).
Traveller Since jib and main sheets are running on curved traveler tracks, there is hardly any sheeting work to be done when tacking or jibing.
Motor Yamaha FT9.9LEL (2018) with AGM starter battery. When sailing the engine is hoisted into the engine box about a meter above water level. Inside the engine box are stored: a 12 l tank and spare fuel cans on one side and the engine for the inflatable - among other items - on the other side.
Power Supply 2 Siemens Solar Panels je 55 WP, one battery "Sonnenschein Solar S12/90A" (2017), Sine wave inverter 275 W, 220 V power sockets in both hulls.
Navigation In each hull, forward end of the cockpit, there is a 75 mm Plastimo magnetic compass. The echosounder's display is rotatably integrated in the middle stanchion of the sea rail on the aft beam, so it can be read from the respective "control side". At the top of this stanchion a Garmin 72 GPS (two older devices as replacements are also on board) can be mounted. As a bearing compass we got a Steiner Commander III binoculars with warranty until 2028
Seacharts We have all charts for the sea areas around Sweden and the German Baltic coast.
Ground Tackle As main anchor we use a 25 lb CQR with approx. 10 m 8 mm chain and 50 m 16 mm anchor rode, we also have a 10 kg Bruce with approx. 6 m 8 mm chain and 40 m lead anchor rode. In addition, lead riding weights are available.
for Mooring there are 6 15 m 16 mm lines with spliced eyes and leather chafe protectors. In addition, we have various equipment that allow the mooring also on quarry stones. For protection of the hulls 4 large fenders with fleece stockings are on board.
"Visibility" LED running lights (2018) port, starboard, stern; radar target enhancer Rasmus Mk II
Inflatable Zodiac Cadet 285 with 4 HP Yamaha two stroke
and on top ... a lot of good lines as spares as well as a large assortment of tools as well as sufficient epoxy and glass for medium repairs - so far only small ones have become necessary.

La Guagua is the right boat for fit, active and enthusiastic yachtsman and women and fast: maximum speed so far is 20.7 kts. She is suitable for 2 people for extended trips (3 ½) months. With three persons it's quite o.k. too, since she has got two berths of more than 2 m length in each hull with a shoulder width of 0.8 m. The fourth berth we normally use as storage space for bulky equipment.

For cooking we use a 2 burner Optimus paraffin stove, which is stored beneath the front bunk when not in use. For fresh provisions that require cooling, we have an icebox which with two 4 l ice blocks (water in thin plastic jerry cans)is good for about a week in the Baltic. For durable provisions there is ample storage space. Dishwashing is done in plastic bowls on the bridge deck. We store our fresh water supply in 8 l mineral water cans in front of the engine box.

We use a plastic bucket with toilet seat as a toilet and, where regulations demand, a pump toilet with septic tank of about 70 l.

The boat is in an excellent condition. We consider a price of Euro 40,000.- (forty thousand) as appropriate. In case of any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

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